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Frequently asked questions & Trouble shooting

Why is my credit card being declined, and my order not going through?

Here are some of the main reasons an order is not going through with us.

  1. One, or more of the billing address fields with the red asterisk (*) are not filled out.
  2. The billing address, and zip code you submitted does not match the card’s address that you are trying to use. These two things must match up, or your order will not be accepted.
  3. Your order has been declined more than three times in the course of an hour, and must wait until an hour has passed before trying to resubmit an order again with us.
How long does it take to replenish our stock?

If we ever do run out of stock on an item, we usually have them back up for sale within a week or so. Please check back on our website every few days to see if we have some available again for purchase, or simply sign up to be notified via email when we do become back in stock.

What lengths will the Flowbee cut my hair?

The Flowbee cuts hair lengths from 1/2″ to 6″ long at any 1/4″ increment. Additional spacers may be purchased if you desire longer lengths of hair, and as short as a 1/4″ can be accomplished simply by acquiring the shortest foot guards we offer on our parts page. You should not try to cut more than 1/2″ in length at a time.

Is the excess flashing over my Super Mini-Vac's grill normal?

Vacuum_Intake_Flashing (1)As stated on the “Info About” sheet provided with your Mini-Vac under section 5, excess flashing on grill is normal, and will not hinder vacuum’s performance. Also, your warranty will be voided if the grill is tampered with, or modified in any way. You can also potentially burn out the motor, and render your unit useless if any changes are made to how the unit came to you originally.

Will the Flowbee work with any vacuum?

The Flowbee will work with just about any vacuum on the market with a round hose to connect to. The power output needs to be at least 1 horsepower, or 700 watts. The more power your home vacuum has the more efficiently your Flowbee will operate, and is great for Central vacuums. Flowbee does recommend the use of its Super Mini-Vac for best results, and convenience.

What type of information is available to help me get started cutting hair with the Flowbee?

We offer an instructional DVD which can be purchased by going to the Parts page.

How long will my Flowbee last?

The Flowbee is designed to give hundreds of precision cuts if properly cared for. Use only the Flowbee supplied oil. Other oils can gum up the blades and make the Flowbee run slow.

Can the blades on the Flowbee be sharpened?

No, the precision design of the cutting head does not allow for this. If your Flowbee is older than seven years old you should maybe start thinking about buying a new Flowbee.

Can my children use the Flowbee?

webmotherboyYes, with adult supervision.

Why are the blades intermittently turning on & off?

There can be several reasons for this happening depending on how old the unit is. If it’s only a couple of months old, then it could be that the cam below the blades is rubbing too hard on the blade cover, and the bottom screw on the blade cover just needs to be loosened slightly to help free up its movement. If that doesn’t fix the issue, then it could be that the power supply is going bad. Also, if it’s an older unit- the blades might have residual build up over the years, and they either need to be cleaned, replaced by a new set of blades, or it just may be time for a new Flowbee.

I have an older Flowbee unit, are replacement parts still available?

If the Flowbee’s original blade cover says Flowbee.com on it, then parts we sell will work with it. If your Flowbee says Flowbee Int. or Vac-u-cut on the blade cover, then most of the parts we sell will not work with it. The spacers will work on Flowbees of all ages.